Our People

Jane Morgan

Founder of the Gendelity dot Org, Jane Morgan learnt her trade at a NASDAQ technology market leader where she worked with global teams from Boston to Billund, Paris to Providence, and Berlin to Bengaluru. She’s managed and developed new and established teams around the globe while guiding the strategy, development and marketing of technology products used by millions of IT customers.

Jane has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and post-graduate in systems practice, which enables her to help teams find a path forward in messy complex situations. She also holds qualifications in German, sociology and environmental science.

Jane participating in an International Women’s Day Event, Dublin.

Passionate about women in business, solving real customer problems, technology, & psychology, she can be found strumming a ukulele with the Avenues and online at JEM9.com where she works with business leaders to assist them understand and reach customers. She is a trustee director of the NGO Parents Plus.

Gendelity Partners

Deirdre Culbert

A computer engineer with qualification from Waterford Institute of Technology and Trinity College Dublin, Deirdre has exceptional leadership experience in the technology industry. From localizing Microsoft’s Office products into multiple languages, to project managing multi-site teams through to producing and deploying global eCommerce sites, Deirdre’s experience in leading international engineer teams, combined with eCommerce business acumen, gives her a unique perspective.

Deirdre supports #EachForEqual the International Women’s Day 2020 campaign theme.

In 2015 she formalised her decades of career mentoring and coaching by completed the Diploma in Executive and Leadership Coaching. The Coaching & Mentoring Partnership is accredited by LBCAI and recognised by the Association for Coaching. More recently she has undertaken a HDip in Counselling and Psychotherapy, giving further insight into psychological aspects of interrelationships and individual dynamics.

For many years Deirdre has been an advocate for women in technology, working with a team of others to create the “Codess” events and setting up a coaching framework for young female engineers within Microsoft.

“In my role as a coach my aim is to help clients look into their mental mirror, add clarity to this reflection and see the wonderful opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.”

Deirdre Culbert


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