Develop A Vision For Inclusion With Your Team

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Whether you’re getting started on your inclusion journey or need a fresh look at established HR processes, bringing together people from across your organization offers the potential for rich insights into different experiences of inclusion at work. Build a foundation to improve diversity in your organization with this constructive, upbeat workshop, a working session suitable for 3 – 23 people.

Envisage (verb):
to contemplate or conceive a possible or desirable future. Example “the Rome Treaty envisaged free movement across frontiers”


  • Clearer Articulation of Your Experience Of The Workplace
  • Deeper Understanding of How Others Experience Your Workplace
  • Broader Vision of Inclusion Built On Accommodating Diverse Strengths
  • A Firm Foundation for Organizational Change Built On Collaboration In Your Context

What to Expect:

Developing A Vision

  • Envisaging Inclusion
  • Pillars of Diversity & Inclusion –
  • Ecosystems of Inclusion

Making Change Happen

  • Change Agents
  • The Change Process
  • Actions for Impact

[Our vision workshop produced] “Really interesting insights!!”

Team Lead,
DublinTech Company

Grounded in practical approaches for inclusive team work, the workshop uses techniques grounded in inclusion and listening proving a safe environment where different experiences can be heard. The LARRA framework encourages listening in an inclusive way. Rich Pictures provide a constructive way to think about situations.

Rich Pictures

Rich Picture – A Leader’s Lens

In messy situations with no single correct answer, rich pictures provide a visual mechanism to explore perceptions, experience and draw in (sometime unspoken) aspects of a problematic situations. Rich pictures consider the people, process and structures in the current or future situation, and provide an interesting and often fun way to think about deeply about situations.

Rich Picture – My Best Work Set Up


Photo of Jane Morgan presenting
  • Your workshop will be led by Jane Morgan, an experienced team facilitator who has worked with many different teams from American financial CxO to Cork tech startups. Learn more about Jane Morgan here

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