Online Salary Negotiation Workshops For Professional Women

  Afraid of being seen as pushy or overbearing? You are not alone. But, “63% of the time, men were offered higher salaries than women for the same tech role at the same company.” Hired 2019

Gender shapes negotiation with different informal expectations for women. This course takes a practical approach to equipping you to (re)negotiate promotion, pay and benefits. Confidence is a key consideration.

“Amazing workshops, so happy I joined them. I now feel empowered to negotiate for myself and all my sisters out there.”

Online Workshop Participant, May 2020

The industrial gender pay gap is stuck at ~20% in Ireland. The overall average Irish employed woman earning 84 cent for every Euro / € that the average man earns. Internationally every paid workforce, men earn on average more than women. Action is required. In all sectors “there are more women in lower-paid jobs”, Marie Sherlock, SIPTU Ireland.

This workshop provides evidenced-based practical actions for professional women to negotiate their remuneration, position and benefits.

Why Negotiate?

=> to acquire negotiation skills, and to be paid fairly and with benefits that matter to you.

  • It pays. Women who negotiation earn more than women who don’t (Lean In).
  • 47% of adults with at least some work experience say, they have asked for a pay raise or promotion at some point in their working life.
  • 43% of women versus 51% men indicate that they have negotiated at work.
  • Despite being better educated overall, women aged 25-64, with a degree in Ireland earn 28% less than their male counterparts. (OECD)

11 Years Her Junior, Earning Thousands More

It’s 2018. You’re both employed at a telecommunications company. What do you do when you discover that a new employee, a 31 year-old man, who reports to you earns more?

Answer: you inquire about a salary negotiation workshop

Professional Workshop Format

Working together in small groups with your fellow professionals, we ensure a trusting, confidential environment. You’ll be grouped with those from your industry/sector.

Women negotiate successfully when the situation matters to them and they have good information. Ambiguity is a barrier. (Babcock, 2008) We address these and other challenges by working through an evidence-based practical course guided by professional and experienced facilitators.

Evaluate your situation, your motivation, align to market expectations and prepare for pitfalls.

=> Invest In Your Career Today
  • Explore your specific motivation and situation.
  • Learn about quality information resources.
  • Hear first-hand about the experience of your peers / experienced business women.
  • Explore some of the pit falls of women negotiating for themselves.
  • Learn about and practice evidence-based approaches to successful negotiation.
  • Session 1 & 2 are from 8pm – 9pm. (Sessions start and finish promptly.)
  • Session 3, the practice roleplay is 90 minutes, 8 – 9:30pm
In the absence of reliable data women understand the value of their  work, their skills and their potential.... In the absence of any external guidelines, men paid themselves 63% more on average than women did." Linda Babcock, Co-author of 'Ask for it' and Professor of economics. Accompanied by photo of Linda.

Perhaps most importantly, you’ll practice to gain confidence and develop your own approach. ( Previous participants found this aspect very energizing!)

Evidenced-Based Tested Programme

“I was unsure of what to base my salary negotiation on before this and ….. I have many more resources now. Thank you so much!”

Workshop Participant, June 2020

This Irish programme builds on research into what works for women negotiating. It benefits from great work done by Boston’s Office of the Major in collaboration with the American Association of University Women (AAUW), the Boston Foundation and the University of Massachusetts Boston. “48% of programme participants either negotiated increased compensation for their existing job or achieved a competitive starting salary for a new job or position.” Work Smart negotiations in Boston.

=> Attend A Salary & Benefits Negotiation Workshop


  • Evidence-based Course Design & Content
  • Connect Within A Small Group of Professional Women (max. 30).
  • Confidential Interactive Discussion Sessions
  • Negotiation Workbook with Extra Tips and Information.
  • 3 Early Evening Classes To Facilitate Your Other Commitments
  • Expert Facilitation by Experienced Business Women.
  • Career Investment €123 (This amazing price is partly enabled through our supporters by WITS Ireland).
Photograph of a stack of gendelity workbooks

Experienced Inclusive Facilitators

Your workshop leaders are professional women with a combined experience of ~50 years in the international technology industry working with and for market leaders where they developed teams.

“Jane helps everyone to feel included, and is a clear and considerate facilitator.”

Workshop Participant, IT Services Department

“We’re all in this together… when you learn to ask for fair pay, it’s not just for yourself: You’re doing your part to get all women paid fairly.”

Evelyn Murphy, Founder and President, The WAGE Project, Inc.


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Empowering Women To Negotiate Equitable Pay, Promotions & Benefits

As a social enterprise, Gendelity reinvest any surplus. We’d love to offer these workshop free to participants. If like WITS Ireland, gender inclusion aligns with your organizational values, learn more about workshop sponsorship here.

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