Salary Negotiation Workshop Sponsorship

Take action for gender inclusion in the workplace.

27th May 2020 – Dublin City Centre

Despite being better educated overall, women aged 25-64, with a degree in Ireland earn 28% less than their male counterparts. (OECD). In the 2019 workplace 39% of women report experiencing discrimination. 1/3 indicate the discrimination was gender-based (CSO 2019). Globally based on current trends, it will take 257 years to close the gender gap in economic opportunity (UN 2020).

In the workplace, the most common form of discrimination is gender-based.

When negotiating women face significant backlash that men do not: It’s not just about confidence and skill. This evidence-based workshop equips women to take action as we move towards closing the gender gap in workplace negotiations.

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Trajectory of Ireland’s Industrial Gender Pay Gap

Graph of the percentage gender pay gap in Ireland from 1942 through to 2014

To ensure the freedom of choice in labour market participation, we need equal opportunities for every individual.

18% of Irish employers and 15% of Irish employees say they are “aware of a gender pay gap in their organization” (Hayes, 2019).

Ireland’s gender pay gap is an accumulation of social norms, employment law and family planning which have a significant influence on individuals in employment and the roles and responsibilities of employers. But just how did we get here?

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