Salary Negotiation Workshop Sponsorship

Support Action for Gender Inclusion in the Workplace.

As a social enterprise, Gendelity reinvests any profits. The cost of operating this non-profit workshop is covered by participants’ ticket purchases, Gendelity’s investment and your sponsorship. Here’s an opportunity for your organization to take action for gender equality.

Many organisations include gender equality in their mission statement or on job descriptions. Go beyond words with action, evidence-based action.

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Trajectory of Ireland’s Industrial Gender Pay Gap

Ireland gender pay gap trajectory from 1942 through 2014 graphed

There is no way around it: Money is an important resource.   

” our tendency to sideline the past as impertinent to the present, only to rediscover how central it is in understanding the driving forces of our world and harnessing them toward a better future.”

Maria Popova, Brainpickings.

To ensure the freedom of choice in labour market participation, we need equal opportunities for every individual. 18% of Irish employers and 15% of Irish employees say they are “aware of a gender pay gap in their organization” (Hayes, 2019).

Ireland’s gender pay gap is an accumulation of social norms, employment law and family planning which have a significant influence on individuals in employment, and the roles and responsibilities of employers.

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