Sources of Irish Salary Information

Solid factual information provides a realistic understanding of what salary to expect and ask for. This resource lists reliable salary information for the Irish market.

Irish National Government Salary Data Sources

In Q4 2019, the average weekly earning was €784 across all sectors. Considered across 52 weeks, this amounts to €40,748. Overall salaries increased 1.8% in 2019 ( Hiring is continuing in some sectors despite the pandemic.

Irish Industry Specific Salary Information

The national Central Statistics Office (CSO) of Ireland data, shows us that a significant factor in earnings is industry sector. Locate your sector here, noting the change overtime from 2014 as the line moves towards Q4 2019 (towards the right).

More Irish Industry Salary Resources Here

Salary Negotiation Workshop Sponsorship

Take action for gender inclusion in the workplace.

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Despite being better educated overall, women aged 25-64, with a degree in Ireland earn 28% less than their male counterparts. (OECD). In the 2019 workplace 39% of women report experiencing discrimination. 1/3 indicate the discrimination was gender-based (CSO 2019). Globally based on current trends, it will take 257 years to close the gender gap in economic opportunity (UN 2020).

In the workplace, the most common form of discrimination is gender-based.

When negotiating women face significant backlash that men do not: It’s not just about confidence and skill. This evidence-based workshop equips women to take action as we move towards closing the gender gap in workplace negotiations.

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Trajectory of Ireland’s Industrial Gender Pay Gap

Ireland gender pay gap trajectory from 1942 through 2014 graphed

Why, why, why do we not yet have this form of financial equality? 

There is no way around it: Money is an important resource.   

In 1992 the world felt imperfect but hopeful for me.  In 2019 exasperated,  I set out to better understand Ireland’s gender pay gap of 20+%. 

Here is one perspective of what got us here. A document of contemporary commentary.  

Jane Morgan

=> How Did Ireland Arrive At An Imbalance of ~20% In The Economic Power of Industrial Workers?