Gendelity – What Are We About?

Our Vision: Private-sector workplaces that enable and encourage full and effective participation, and equal opportunities in leadership, i.e. decision-making.

Gendelity is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations take practical action to move organizations towards gender inclusion. To create better workplaces and a better society for all, we need to address the obstacles preventing women and minorities from fully contributing and reaching their potential at work. Our work, and your support, aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goal 5, or SDG 5, Gender Equality & Women’s Empowerment.

Gendelity’s Mission:

Bring practical actions for workplace inclusion to organizations and individuals

by providing evidenced-based services that change organizational culture and develop people’s abilities and skills

in order to create more inclusive workplaces, ultimately contributing to societal equality.

More specifically women have more to contribute in decision-making roles, this is SDG goal 5.5. Equal pay for equal work is simply a matter of fairness: employees expect their employers to be fair and honest. Men too have more to contribute as we work towards gender diversity in the workplace, and particularly more to contribute to care of their children and of family management. We all benefit from change that enables more inclusive perspectives, and better outcomes for business and families.

Gendelity is a combination of the words: ‘gender’ and ‘equality‘.

Change happens. It can neither be willed nor prevented but we all ‘affect’ change; the kinds of change and the direction. And we are here to help you with this difficult endeavour in the workplace.

Actions for Individuals

Change is experienced individually and is undertaken by individuals. It can seem difficult to find space, the elbow room, to act alone. Sociologists refer to the concept of ‘agency‘ as; the space that individuals have (no matter how expansive or limited) to act.

We act individually. Collectively these actions make a difference.

Individual acts can make a tremendous difference to another individual, or indeed may inspire others. So actions for individuals, exercising the ‘agency’ that we all have, is a key aspect of this undertaking.

Actions for Organisations

Change within organizations offers the potential for greater impact. Organizations are structured with various roles, different responsibilities, and power to direct, evoke and resource various undertakings, including organizational change. It is within the structure of organizations that each of us individually act; structures (formal and informal, stated and unstated) govern and constrain individual actions.

So actions for organizations is important to affect scalable change.

Why Org? => Social Enterprise

Following the principles of social enterprise, any profits/surpluses are re-invested in developing new materials, training and services to help achieve a social objective, i.e. gender equality in the workplace. In keeping with our non-profit aims, we also choose dot Org, which was originally intended for non-profit entities, thus Gendelity.org.

“an enterprise that trades for a social/societal purpose, where at least part of its income is earned from its trading activity, is separate from government, and where the surplus is primarily reinvested in the social objective.”

National Social Enterprise Policy for Ireland 2019-2022

Why Agency?

Agency has many meanings. Private-sector recruitment and design firms often call themselves ‘agencies’. Zoo Digital, for example, refer to themselves as a ‘creative digital agency’. Public sector organizations with official responsibility sometimes include ‘agency’ in their name. Agency is also now a gTLD or generic top-level-domain. That’s the piece at the end of a web address, like dot Com but rather dot Agency, thus => genderequality.agency .

Finally, and most importantly as noted above ‘agency’ is also a sociological terms and means ‘self-propelled action’ or your ‘capacity to act‘. It refers to the elbow-room we all have that allows us to make decisions and take action. Our goal is grow your ‘agency’, your capacity to act. You can make a difference: We can help.

As a member of WITS, who envisage a “society where women have equal opportunities, experiences & recognition in STEM”, and as a member of NWCI, National Women’s Council of Ireland, Jane Morgan participates in learning and supporting professional women.

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