‘Everyday Feminism At Work’ Project – Submissions

Saying ‘thank you’ to supportive bystander behaviour.

Moments of gender bias, i.e. everyday sexism, where the interests / needs of one gender are prioritized to the detriment of another, are unfortunately all too common place in the workplace.

But many of these stories also include someone helping maybe in a small way and maybe in a big way.

This world is full of wonderful moments where gender bias at work was not tolerated. This is true feminism, where genders are treated equally.

The ‘Everyday Feminism At Work’ project is dedicated to:

  • celebrating those who intervened on behalf of another,
  • providing a window through which to inspire better behaviour and
  • becoming a learning resource on how to be an effective helpful bystander.

We spend so much time working that making the work place and working contexts better is very worthwhile. The workplace is where much bad behaviour occurs. The causes of workplace gender inequality are many and varied but we have an opportunity to learn from and change behaviour.

Real Stories of How People Have Helped Others

Here’s an opportunity to celebrate those moments, when someone made your world of work a better place by intervening or providing any form of support to you, regardless of the difficulty of the situation.

What Positive Behaviour Do You Want To Highlight?

Let’s start with sharing your story of how someone helped you through a moment of gender bias. We will compile and share these anonymously:

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Would you be more comfortable emailing? You can be reach Jane at Jane.Morgan@GenderEquality.Agency

Please note submissions may be quoted (anonymously) in articles, training materials or used in other materials to improve gender equality at work.

Photography of variety of people in business causal dress with the text overlay:'celebrating 'Everyday Feminism at Work', a project by Jane Morgan