Salary Negotiation Workshop Sponsorship

Support Action for Gender Inclusion in the Workplace.

As a social enterprise, Gendelity reinvests any profits. The cost of operating this non-profit workshop is covered by participants’ ticket purchases, Gendelity’s investment and your sponsorship. Here’s an opportunity for your organization to take action for gender equality.

Many organisations include gender equality in their mission statement or on job descriptions. Go beyond words with action, evidence-based action.

Thank You For Your Interest In Taking Action for Gender Equality In the Workplace

“Every day women find out they are paid less than male peers. They want to be paid fairly. “

Jane Morgan, Founder Gendelity

The Benefits of Sponsoring Salary Negotiation Workshops

Benefits For Your Organizations

  • Associate your organization with action for workplace gender inclusion.
  • Support an evidenced-based, constructive approach to salary negotiation.
  • Add your voice as an ally for gender inclusion together with our workshop participants.
  • Use your corporate social responsibility funds wisely.

Benefits for Workshop Participants

  • Empower women as they seek financial fairness in the workplace.
  • Enable women to advocate for themselves effectively.
  • Support the development of negotiation skills transferable to other situations.
  • Help women address invisible disadvantage.
  • Make a difference in women’s economic and professional lives.

“Amazing workshops, so happy I joined them. I now feel empowered to negotiate for myself and all my sisters out there.” Online Workshop Participant, May 2020

“You’ll never earn more than €36 thousand unless you go and do a PhD.” This inaccurate and heart-breaking advice given to a young Master’s science graduate in 2019, made us so mad that Gendelity was founded. While changing organizations and societal change is also necessary, this evidenced-based interactive salary negotiation course supports women seeking fair pay and promotion.

Benefits For Society

  • Sponsorship helps us to reach more women with this workshop.
  • Contribute towards making pay and promotions fairer.
  • Help close the gender pay gap for a fairer society (one of our metrics).
  • Develop the economic impact of women in the workplace.

What To Expect From Sponsoring Salary Negotiation Workshops

  • Public acknowledgement of your support for workplace gender equality.
    • Visual inclusion of your organization on marketing and event communications.
    • Connect your organization via social media tagging (“mentions”) of your organization.
    • We welcome your ideas on acknowledging your support for workplace gender inclusion.

  • Access to an audience of ambitious women investing in skill development.
    • Sponsor a number of places.
    • Offer a discount to your membership.

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Your Sponsorship Supports

Operational Workshop Expenses including:

  • Sponsoring Participation
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Workshop Awareness
  • Workshop Workbook – with examples, evidence and tools to enable each participant to prepare.
  • Audio-Visual Support
  • Light Catering – people work better when neither tired nor hungry (only for on-site / in-person workshops).

Many organisations include gender equality in their mission statement or in job descriptions. Go beyond words with action.

– less qualified, less experienced, unproven in our industry and company, male with polished CV, paid €10k more than his female “peer” – 

“It became apparent that he was incompetent. Nothing happened until I approached my boss and we, eventually, came to a new agreement on responsibilities and salary. I did not like that I had to force their hand and I left a few months later.  The relationship was soured in my eyes by the fact that I had to force their hand by complaining and, when the promised remedy wasn’t forthcoming, actually resign before they made me an new offer. [It] still makes me mad to think of it! “

Irish Female Operations Manager, eCommerce Industry

“Talented women often walk out the door when they discover that they’ve been treated inequitably.” Linda Babcock, Professor of Economics, Carnegie Mellon, Pennsylvania.

Why Support Women to Negotiate

Well-publicized research informed us that ‘women don’t ask‘ (Babcock and Laschever, 2007). More recently research indicates that women are well equipped to negotiate on behalf of others (“other-advocacy”), and that more women are asking. Unfortunately, negotiating for themselves is laden with pitfalls, pitfalls that men don’t face.

“What I want to know is ‘how to negotiate without burning bridges’.”

Professional Woman in Product Development, Technology Industry, Dublin

Women are more likely to be unsuccessful when negotiation for pay and promotion, and may incur penalties. Penalties include being perceived as overly demanding and insufficiently nice. In short, it can hurt to ask. Preparation and awareness of where the sparks lie equips women to negotiate successfully. And negotiation pays; women who negotiate earn more than those who do not (Lean In). => Inquiry Here About Sponsorship

Image of woman looking at bridge with flames - Salary Negotiations can burn bridges

An Evidence-Based Approach To Salary Negotiation

More optimistically a focus that considers individual goals, explores hesitancy and a focus on self-efficacy improves success. The Gendelity evidence-based approach to salary negotiation addresses these challenges in a safe environment to equip women to advocate for themselves and ask effectively.

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