Sample Job Negotiation Phrases

Probably the most important phrase to add to your repertoire. This expression gives you time to think and make a considered decision.

  • I’d like some time to think about it. Can I get back to you on Monday?

Including the reference to Monday means you are not keeping the HR person or recruiter hanging on. It also gives you a deadline to work towards. How you use the time is up to you. You might do more research on the company, the position or similar salaries. Just talking things over with a professional friend can colour your perspective.

Negotiation New Job Offers

Negotiating An Improved The Salary Offered

  • I’m really excited about this opportunity to work here and I know I’ll bring a lot of value with my ability to encourage collaboration across multiple teams. 
  • Based on my research and skills, I was expecting to be in the €62 thousand range. (€62k – average weekly salary in ICT in Ireland.)
  • Could we look at a base salary of €62 thousand? (closed question, suitable for late in the negotiations.)

Negotiating Salary Review

So you are tempted to accept the new role and conditions but continue to believe the salary is disappointing. One option in this situation is to seek a future negotiation date.

  • When is the salary review process?
  • I was really hoping for the more senior role. What are the gaps in my capabilities that would bring me up to that level?

Negotiating Your Long-term Financial Wellbeing

  • Do you have a company pension plan?
  • How do the pension benefits work here?
  • I like paying less tax. Do you have a company pension plan?

Negotiating Other Financial Benefits

What has the bonus paid out in the past year or two?

Negotiating Educational Benefits

  • I’ve considered doing an MBA to augment my technology skills. Are you in a position to support my skill development?
  • My previous employer sponsored the Post-Grad in Cyber Security. Would you consider doing the same?

Remember, financial security is important but far from the only consideration when choosing a new role.

Negotiating Non-Financial Benefits & Conditions

Negotiating Work-Life Balance

  • What flexible work options would be available to me in this role?
  • You mentioned flexible work options. For the people already on this team, what options are they using?
  • What are the options for flexible work?

Further Negotiation Support