Leadership Development Programme For Female Entrepreneurs.

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You’ve started your own business to take control of your destiny, registered the company name, have started trading, and have a business plan (of sorts). Perhaps you’ve already availed of a Start Your Own Business Course from your local LEO but you’re not quite Going For Growth. Do you seek professionals and a community to support and challenge you and your business as you find your feet?

While an MBA or a fancy executive ed programme would be nice, what you need is leadership skills and guidance for your small team now, and you are WiLLing to invest a little in yourself. This young business you are leading is not only about making money. It’s about developing and challenging yourself. Maybe it’s about solving a problem you’re familiar with. (And some professional buddies to cheer you on would be nice!)

Find your tribe at WiLL – Women Investing in Learning to Lead

Accelerate your leadership proficiency and develop your confidence so you can inspire and enable your organization and your team as you guide them towards shared goals. WiLL, Women Investing in Learning to Lead is a leadership development programme for women. How you serve customers is grounded in; your competencies, the kind of leader you want to be, and the vision for your company.

Core WiLL Principles:

  • Positive Leadership Style: learn how to encourage and enable your team to succeed.
  • Evidence-Based Leadership: grounded in the evidence of what works for entrepreneurs, women leaders, and what female entrepreneurs want.
  • Workshop-based Modules: this is not ‘class room’ learning. You leave each session with ‘your’ output in hand having used the materials to develop an aspect of your skills or business plans. That may be a risk register for decision-making in uncertainty or a set of competencies you have identified that your company needs next. Each module leaves you with proven tools and approaches already in use at leading companies that you immediately apply and that will serve you in the long-term. Most of your time investment will be in bi-weekly workshops and putting these new tools to work for you.
  • Community of Peers: the development of a peer-based support and accountability is built into the programme. The programme will end but your peers, and the relationships you develop, aim to see you through the trials and triumphs of leading.
  • Customized Coaching: We’re all unique and at a different place in the leadership development journey. Participants choose an area to specialise in from a menu of topics for 1-on-1 development.

It takes a village to raise a child. It takes an ecosystem to become a leader.

customers ~~~~ your team ~~~~ mentors ~~~~ suppliers ~~~~ coaches ~~~~ peers ~~~~ supporters ~~~~ competitors ~~~~ partners

Did you know? “Dow Jones VentureSource determined that successful startups have twice as many women in senior positions as unsuccessful companies.”  (DDI)

Core WiLL Modules


  • MnMs – Motivation, Meaning and Markets – The ‘Why’ of Strategy Development
  • Your Strengths & Barriers – You’ll Do It
  • Managing Personal Change Through Accountability – Staying The Course

“Startups led by women are more likely to survive the transition from startup to established business.” DDI


  • Measured Risk Taking – Decision-making In Uncertainty
  • 4Ds : Deciding To Delegate / Delete / Do -> How Your Firm Develops
  • Taking Charge of Work: Life Boundary – Activating The Village
  • The Organized Leader -> Boosting Productivity, Time Management & Finding Time To Think – When

Action Plans

  • Enabling Team Productivity – Your Role As Leader
  • CnC – Hiring For Capabilities & Competencies
  • People Management
  • Developing Your Ecosystem – Supportive Relationships & New BBFFs (Business BFFs)

Core Business Competencies

  • Financial Literacy: analyse market size, cost, pricing and profitability to achieve a financial return.
  • Product Development Literacy: understand and fulfill customer needs with high satisfaction.
  • Marketing Communications Literacy: articulate your value proposition and reach your target market.
  • Sales & Trading Internationally: explore the routes to foreign markets and closing deals.
  • Digital Literacy: choose low-risk efficient technology tools that help achieve your goals.

WiLL Programme Structure

  • Bi-weekly Half-day Group Workshops over ~20 weeks
  • Location: Dublin City Center
  • Each session involved implementing the tools, i.e. working on your business.
  • Maximum of 24 Participants
  • 2 Self-Selected 1-on-1 Online Mentoring Sessions
  • Pricing Guidance: Much less than an MBA more than LEO short course.

WiLL Programme Coaches

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