Gender Gaps In the Irish Technology Sector

 €12,035 – the Gender Pay Gap in Irish Tech, 2022

€10,000 – the Gender Pay Gap in #IrishTech, 2018

Approximately 16,000 information and communications firms employ 119,000 people in Ireland (CSO, 2019). And of course, many firms in other sectors also have IT operations staff supporting the business. After manufacturing, the ICT sector generates the highest value added.

This is a profitable and wealthy sector with huge international players such as Apple and Microsoft as well as many smaller firms. 15% of employees earned over €1,600 weekly in 2014 (CSO), the highest percentage of any sector (the dark green bars). This sector also has less people on lower wages than other sections such as accommodation and food services.(the grey bars).


An International Comparison of Gender Income Gaps

International Comparison of Gender Income Gaps

In every country in the world, the average working woman earns less than the average working man. Countries have different average incomes, and different gaps between female and male workers. Which countries have smaller income gaps between male and female? Within each country, what is the absolute amount of the gap between female & male? What is the percentage gap?

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Stats on Workplace Gender-Related Discrimination in Ireland

Despite being better educated overall, women aged 25-64, with a degree in Ireland earn 28% less than their male counterparts (OECD). In the 2019 workplace 39% of women report experiencing discrimination. 1/3 indicate the discrimination was gender-based (CSO 2019). Globally based on current trends, it will take 257 years to close the gender gap in economic opportunity (UN 2020).

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