Workplace Leave For Caring – Your Rights in Ireland

Leave Rights

In law in Ireland, employees have legal rights to take time away from work temporarily to care for family members. All of these leave options protect your job while you step out to provide critical support to family, i.e. they are “statutory entitlements”. Organizations can, and often do, offer additional leave options as part of their benefits programme to attract and retain staff.

Some workplace leave options are unpaid, such as serious medical leave, and some paid, such as force majeure. In other cases the rules specify upon a minimum amount of time spent in employment or an amount of time spent with a particular employer before the state provides a benefit.

Force majeure is typically short-term, usually a day. Others, such as carer’s leave, can be up to 2 years.

All protect your job while you provide critical support to your family.

Most types of leave for caring are available to everyone in employment. Typically they are available in all types of workplaces. Maternity leave applies only to the birth mothers.

Note: *We take care researching and sharing information, but legal rights change and we can’t be held responsible for errors or omissions. Please consult legal professionals for specific legal advice.

Workplace Leave For Illness & Emergency-Related Caring

For life’s emergencies, short and longer term, so you can be there when the unexpected happens.

Force majeure is perhaps the least known and most immediately available. It’s for those days when a child is sick in creche or an elderly parent falls unexpectedly. It’s paid. This is the only type of leaving that employers must currently cover*.

By comparison medical leave is unpaid, unless your employment contract states otherwise.

To enable those working to provide critical support at important family juncture, Ireland provides temporary workplace leave option for caring.

Planned Workplace Leave for Caring

Workplace Leave To Care for New Children

Caring for your new children should be a joyous time as you welcome a new family member and get to know them. These options protect those precious early days.

Learn More About Your Workplace Leave Options For Caring

Citizen’s Information is a wonderful information source. Watch out for changes at budget and election time.

For Life’s Emergencies

For Longer Term Caring Needs

For New Parents